Cycling and Re-Cycling

February 7, 2014

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Have you noticed the cycles in your life?  For example, sometimes you are very rigorous about exercising, and then for whatever reason, you slack off. After a while you “get back on the wagon” and return to your routine.

The same is true for the efforts you make in staying empowered and keeping your inner fitness alive and well. Sometimes we slack off. We aren’t as centered or focused as we’d like to be, or thought we were. Maybe our attention is diverted elsewhere.

But this is not a reason to beat up on yourself, or call yourself names. Life by its very nature is cyclical, and your efforts towards inner fitness may wax and wan. But let us take a lesson from nature, and remember that nature allows for cycles.  It doesn’t mean that you are no longer strong and self-empowered, or anything of the kind. You may simply be taking a break from what you perceive as effort. You haven’t lost your foundation, you might just be on summer break.  Or your attention is elsewhere for the moment.

When you become aware of your cycles, you might just take a moment to reflect. Am I still practicing self-awareness? Am I managing my emotions as best as possible? You probably are if you are aware you aren’t keeping up with your previous practices.  Do I need to do more physical exercise? Am I just feeling a bit indulgent right now? Can I allow myself that without calling myself names?

This might be a great time to return to your journal, and write down your answers to some of the above questions. Join the conversation and tell us about your own cycles, and how you react to them. We welcome your comments below.

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