nothing is impossible

This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt applies to all our endeavors that require a stretch and that take us out of our usual way of operating. To develop inner fitness we often have to move out of our comfort zone to get to the place of operating at our personal best.

Isn’t it comforting to know that even the great citizen Eleanor Roosevelt struggled with fear, and magnificently overcame it. Now some of you might dismiss Eleanor as the poor little rich girl. After all, she was from a very wealthy NY family. Well there are many poor little rich girls who make nothing of their lives. It turns out she was a shy young woman whose parents died by the time she was 10, whose father was an alcoholic, who married at 20, who did not attend college, who lived with a dominating mother-in-law and not in her own home until age 62. She had a lot to overcome.

For example, so that she could report back to the wheelchair-bound FDR firsthand, this shy and solemn young woman became the eyes and ears for her husband, travelling globally before and during WWII to see what was happening on the ground.

She grew from a ‘proper young matron’ with 5 children to become a great advocate for civil and human rights. As Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission she oversaw the writing and adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, her crowning achievement.

Eleanor grew into her Inner Fitness, just as we all can. Each of us has our own burdens to overcome. There are many paths to Inner Fitness. Each of us must find our own way that works best for us.

Building your Inner Fitness, and staying fit is like being physically fit; it is a continuous process. You cannot reach your pinnacle of Inner Fitness and then bask there, because you’ll loose it. Like any muscle, it must be worked.

What are you doing for your Inner Fitness?