Tudor Consulting's coaching programs for women, Women Achieving the Promise, provide an opportunity for individuals to achieve breakthroughs professionally or personally.

We offer a compilation of wisdom and experience that cultivates self-confidence, addresses power and innate emotional intelligence, and gives you the tools to achieve your goals.

The Wall Street Journal cited the importance of coaching for women in a recent article, Inadequate Career Development Holds Back Female Executives, McKinsey Says Lack of Coaching Hampers Female Executives.

"By increasing the number of women who make it from middle management to the vice presidential level, corporations could vastly improve the odds for building diversity in top management," the report added. Even a 25% increase in the ranks of middle-management women reaching the next level "would significantly alter the shape of the pipeline-

"Companies need to spend more time coaching women and offering more leadership training and rotation through various management roles before their ambitions sour."


Shape your future through one of our core programs specifically for women.

Creating New Pathways
Designed for women who are looking to achieve their desired career and need to make the necessary leadership breakthroughs.

Flourishing in Your Next Hurrah
Designed for forward-thinking women who are looking for their “encore,” and want to examine the next chapter in their lives and future legacy.